Monday, May 5, 2008

Cut, cut

It took me long enough to get these uploaded, but finally I have. So last week as I was about to walk out the door to run some errands Jake discovered Joy cleaning up a mess and found that she had cut her hair. I was in a hurry, it was snowy and I had to get dinner going for Joel so he could go to work and get my shopping done. I sat on the kitchen floor and cried, which freaked her out and she kept crying saying, "I'm sorry Mommy, I'm so sorry!" But I kept crying for good measure.

So I got out to the van, and my wipers are falling off. It's snowing outside. So I had to get Joel's truck cleaned out enough to put her car seat in it and took her to the hairdresser. Luckily they were able to save most of the length. She worked in the second chop as layers.

I hope she never cuts her hair again. This is the second time she's done it... some people might remember the story of her cutting her bangs so horribly after I took pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses.


Stacey said...

I think every kid has done that at least once. Thank goodness for layer cuts!

Anonymous said...

I will never forget her first cut.
And to think she did it again.

Maybe she is going to be a beautician.

I like that you kept crying for good measure. I just barely learned that technique in my own parenting. Should have started sooner!