Wednesday, May 7, 2008

{Joshua, I love you}

Yep, that's what the note said. The note that was left in my Kindergartner's cubby. No signature, just a smiley face at the bottom. He told me two girls names he thought it could be. I thought it might be either of them too.

They start so young....

Or do they?

I remember having my first crush on a boy when I was in Kindergarten. He was in the First Grade. Todd Klein. His father owned some store that sold TVs or something. I still remember his birthday party. He got a bird. We went for pizza. His mom repeatedly kept asking me to stop swinging my legs and kicking her. I couldn't help myself. I was just so happy to be in love with the birthday boy. The love affair was short lasted, once I discovered Brett Hintze.

Today was my day to volunteer in Joshua's classroom. I watched the two girls, looking for clues. One of them asked me if Joshua drank milk in the morning... hmmm.... is that a signal that she's concerned for the bone density of my son and his prospects of being a long walking- non- hip-breaking partner?

The other girl just kept looking at me and smiling....hmmm.... trying to get on the Mom's good side?


Ginabear said...

you are so funny!! I dont blame those little girls...if I were 30 sumthin yrs younger...hehe. He is adorable, those eyes. Watch out mommy, you are in trouble!!

Anonymous said...

So this happened in my classroom. We have a post office where they write each other notes. I said no love notes. So the cutest thing, the girl drew a picture of a boy and girl standing by each other, smiling. She is saying, "You are nice."

Such flirts.