Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday I just ran all day long, took Joy to meet up with Peggy in the morning, let her play at the playground for about an hour, went to Menards to buy a plug for the tub that was broken for two weeks before anyone bothered to tell me about it (Joel knew about it, but didn't bother to replace it), made Joy lunch, sent her to school, 30 minutes later met her at school for a party, took her shopping for teacher appreciation gifts, made dinner, Got Jake off to trip with youth, took Josh to scouts, came home, made teacher gifts, got a text to bring Joel a drill left in the car, took that to him instead of doing dishes that were piling up in sink, got home after 10:30, cleaned up my mess from gifts, went to bed with dishes in the sink still. Woke up this morning, dishes STILL IN THE SINK, old man sitting on chair all morning >:(
He wants to know why I'm not so cheery this morning.
Did I mention the basket of laundry he sat next to without folding, as well?

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