Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's so frustrating watching someone mess up their lives. It's more frustrating when you don't know the whole story, but there doesn't seem to be any good reason for it and it really sucks watching selfish people hurt everyone else around them and it sucks even more when everyone else around them have no spines and treat that person like everything is fine, when really, that person needs a boot to the head! And if I did happen to lodge my Sauconys at them, I know I'd be the evil non-understanding one.
Yeah, my heart is black and I'm not getting into heaven, deal with it, I have.


Lisa said...

Dearie. . . your heart is not black. Refer yourself to the "wow....just wow" post. You are getting over yucky information and will deal with it well after the shock is over because you are a wonderful person. I am sorry for your family. News like this is yucky for everyone. Even her, even though she may not act like it.

Jen said...

Thank you Lisa! Thank you for your encouragement. It does feel very yucky :(