Saturday, May 1, 2010

I probably will keep editing this for a while...

Why must my mouth always get me into trouble?
Already I've butted heads with someone new in our ward who I don't see eye to eye with. I ended up removing her from my friends list because I found that I didn't even want to be nice to her anymore. That's not usually like me. I'm usually an easy person to get along with and let a lot of crap slide before I say something.
Some things I feel very passionate about, like securing our borders.
Some things others feel very passionate about, like open borders for everyone.
And these two passions cannot co-exist in my world.
Also, I don't like liars. She said she could handle my different view, but wanted to share her experience with me to help me better understand where she was coming from. But since she deleted my calm, rational comments to her posts, it's apparent she can't handle someone else having a different view and can't hold a conversation with someone of a differing point of view. She just wants to be heard, and not listen to someone else.
I can co-exist with other non-compatible passions, as long as someone doesn't introduce hysteria and cut off my voice of reason. Which is what happened today.
Someone from our ward who I've butted heads with this week over the new Arizona law wanted to post outlandish articles about people being asked to show their citizenship just for walking their kid to the ice cream store. And earlier in the week she posted a video saying that police were going to profile shoes to determine who was illegal. I simply can't just leave that stuff alone and posted comments. To the video I said this was fear mongering and trying to use fear to keep a law from being enforced. To the ice cream article I explained to her that the police had to first detain the person for another reason first, legally make contact, and then ask for identification. If the person cannot show ID, they could be considered a possible illegal alien. I gave her the link to the new law and asked her to read it and educate herself on it before spreading the mass hysteria.
She deleted it.
I guess it doesn't surprise me. When I first posted about the law and cheered the Governor for signing it, she sent me a few long letters about how unfairly her husband has been treated by police and how she'll never take her children to Arizona because of the law. I think she was upset that her sad story didn't persuade me to feel more sorry for them than for the Arizona rancher who was murdered, or the police who are shot at every day, and the kids who are innocent victims of drug traffickers violent crimes, and all the American kids who are addicted to drugs and all the victims of terrorists who are supported with the drug money of our American kids and stupid druggies.
When she deleted my comments, that's when I knew this person was not a nice person, and had to delete her from my friends list.
I just cannot co-exist with people like that. They let their emotions get in the way of their heads and then do drastic rude things to justify their means.

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Stacey said...

It's too bad that some people have to be like that. I usually just agree to disagree with people but I just wish more of them would get the facts before opening their mouths.