Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wow.... just wow

This week Jake has been working on two talks for his speech class. He only practiced one in front of me.
Tonight he had to finish up a merit badge on public speaking and tie it into his assignments at school, so he dressed up in a suit and went to mutual, planning to give his speeches. I had to go to the church tonight for a scout committee meeting and so I traded the cars with him and he took Josh, who was also done with scouts, and the girls back home.
While I was in the meeting my phone kept telling me I was getting a bunch of emails. Later on my way out of the church I saw that it was our Young Men's leader sending me a bunch of video clips, but my phone wouldn't open them. When I got home I asked Jake why Brother Gray was sending me videos. He said, "I told him not to send those to you!" I suddenly became very curious about this speech he gave and started questioning him. He finally spilled the beans that he had given a talk about ME! My eyes are tearing up right now just thinking about it. Finally after getting my phone back from him, because he had grabbed it and was going to delete the emails, he reluctantly agreed to let me see what was taped on his video camera. I was in disbelief. He said the most nicest wonderful things about me! I had no idea he believed I had that much influence on the person he is today.
People tell me all the time what a great kid he is, I myself am in amazement, and readily tell them that he's like that all on his own. I didn't do anything special. Listening to his speech he gave, maybe I did have a little something to do with it. Here come the tears again. That was the bestest Mother's Day gift he has ever given me! And to think, he tried not to!


Stacey said...

That is so incredibly sweet! I'm so glad it was sent to you.

Kristy Lynne said...

He is Just like his mother! He is such a wonderful kid!