Sunday, May 2, 2010

I had an amazing engagement session last night! We met at the Dunn Brothers in Minneapolis and used a lot of areas around the Guthrie and the Stone Arch Bridge. The weather was questionable all afternoon and we almost didn't follow through with our plans for the session, but we just decided to go foreword with it and by the time they got into the city the sun was starting to peek out, after the session started the wind died down and we had great weather for the rest of the session! As soon as we were done the clouds came back in. The couple I met with are amazing. I'm shooting their wedding in June as well. This was their free session that comes with their wedding package. The groom was not camera shy or uncomfortable at all in front of the camera and so it made it a wonderful session. He was very comfortable with posing and cuddly with her. I know she's going to love her images.

I have a spot I'm dying to get Joyanna out to, to do pictures, I hope I have some sunny days this week to chose from. I might go back on Saturday too. The boys are going camping on Friday and so we will have our "girl party" where we buy new Bon Bon nail polish colors and rent movies and have junk food and sip soda through licorice straws. Then on Saturday morning I'll take them out again and do pictures like I did last time. Tradition :) I look forward to my time with just the girls. It only happens once a year, if I'm lucky.

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