Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Graduation!

Joel's graduation ceremony was on Friday evening. It was fun to have a final ceremony to celebrate the obtainment of his degree.

We also took pictures of the kids in his cap. We did this for his other two associate's degrees too, but I think I lost some of them in my computer crash two years ago. We plan to use these on their own high school graduation cakes. Jake went into the house before I could get one of him and then Joel and I took off and I forgot to get one. Sadly that is one thing I am guilty of, treating him like one of us grown-ups and not like he's still one of my kids. For that, I suck.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Congrats to Joel on finishing school!

What a great idea with the kids in the graduation hat!


I'm gonna miss you on facebook! :(