Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm not really there

Argh. I hate this. I had to reactivate my Facebook account because there were several people I had to get into touch with that I didn't have any other way, other than Facebook. So even though I'm on there- I'm not.

We took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon today. We didn't see the 3D version. The kids don't like wearing the glasses and Joel and I found that the only real 3D experience worth the extra money is if you see it on an IMAX screen. We saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the theatre on a regular screen and it just wasn't the same effect. We didn't feel like anything really jumped out of the screen at us and we didn't feel like we could reach out and touch anything. The IMAX really does give the ultimate experience. I remember seeing some under the sea show there in 3D and it looked like kelp was growing out of the guy's head in front of me or schools of fish seemed to be inches from my face.
Back to the dragon movie... Most excellent. Really liked it a lot. The kids loved it. I do have to complain about the theatre we were in however. I've been to the Carmike Wynnsong 15 in Mounds View several times, and lately they seem to be becoming a dump. The last time we were there they barely had enough help. It was the school district's spring break and we were there for an afternoon showing of Diary of a Wimpy Kid shortly after it began running. At the point we came into the theatre the same guy that sold us our tickets ran back to the counters and started working the popcorn stands. Today there was not a decent bathroom in the whole place. Joy made me take her out of the movie at the really exciting part where Hiccup is supposed to kill a dragon. The first bathroom we went into had one full stall and one stall with waste and toilet paper all over the toilet and streaming all over. So we ran down the hall to another bathroom which also had water all over the floor around a toilet and several unflushed toilets. GROSS!!! Come on people, that's just disgusting. If I have one more bad experience there I'll have to do my movie viewing at another theatre. The one at Rosedale mall seems to be pretty decent still, I believe it's an AMC.
I can't wait for How to Train Your Dragon to come out on DVD!

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