Monday, May 17, 2010

On Saturday I got the rare opportunity to visit an old workplace. For 5 years I worked at The Northwestern Casket Company, doing various jobs during my time there. I started out at the cutting tables, did a little sewing (but I must have sucked at that because they didn't keep me there long) then moved to tying caps and shirring material, then the last couple of years I did embroidery. When I left (at 5 months pregnant with Joshua) they replaced me with a computerized embroidery machine. When I did the embroidery I had to use a very old chain stitch machine. The company has since moved and for a while I heard rumors of the building being sold and demolition being planned for it. One time when I drove by it they were replacing windows, so I knew they wouldn't be tearing it down. Later I found out they put studios in the building and rented out their office spaces to artisans. They changed the name of the lot to be The Northwestern Casket Art District and made it part of the Minneapolis Art District.
JoAnne went with me for the Art A Whirl which is where the Minneapolis Art District open their doors for a weekend to allow people to come in and see their wares. It was pretty fun and interesting! Some art was yucky. I had dreams that night about all the stuff we saw. I should have gone back to one artisan who had some pretty dangle earrings with stones that I liked. Maybe next year.
We ran into a few interesting photographers, one even has an office in the room I used to work in. I'd never been in the basement before. It was interesting to see the stone archway doorways and we took some pictures of the old pipes.
We also visited some other buildings on the lot that I'd never been in before either. I don't remember the silos at the end of the road. Once I have some time I'll post pictures that I took. I want to send some to my old manager Dorothy.
I just want to know why there has to be so much nakedness in art? Hahaha.

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JoAnne Dittmer Photography said...

It was a fun time!
Just a heads up...don't look up that other photographers website. Nakedness? Uhm a little.