Monday, May 10, 2010

My luck was short lived :(

Joy started throwing up at 2am. I asked Joel to get up to take care of her, reasoning that he can snooze on the recliner and let me sleep, after all he gets to sleep all day long after the kids go to school in a few hours anyway.
He got up, but then said, "It's only 2 o'clock!" Which I took to mean- "why are you waking me up already?"
That made me mad and I didn't go to sleep very well after that and had angry dreams. This morning he says he didn't mean anything by it, but too late, I had an unrestful night already.

Today I see that my school has the books in stock that I need. But I don't get to go pick them up until Wednesday because of Joy. Boooo. I tried to pick them up last week, because I can't wait to dig into them a little so I know what's going on when the semester begins, but they didn't have them. That was kind of a let down.

My tummy is feeling rumbly, I hope I'm not getting sick too because I have a Senior Session tonight and I need the money for that for Joel's birthday present. We've already had to reschedule twice because of weather and then because of his job, and I had to reluctantly agree to shoot this kid tonight. I try to only shoot on Friday or Saturday and then edit during the week. My weekdays are too busy to try to fit in a session anyway. I hope I'm feeling ok by tonight.

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