Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ahhhh yes!

I can post about my religious stuff over here too without having to worry about offending or getting wierd comments :)
So today I have a vent about our missionaries. I rarely invite them for dinner, mostly because I'm tired of getting the drill about who I know that I can share the gospel with. I'm a hermit. I'm a crab. I'm a hermit crab, I've found my shell and I'm not coming out until my babies are grown!

Anyway, I had gotten up the nerves to invite them again for dinner... tonight. I signed the calendar a couple of weeks ago. Today in Relief Society, the last hour of church, someone announces at the end that if you signed up for missionary dinners to be aware that they had a third companion from the neighboring ward and that he either might be with them, or they get double booked and eat with the other ward. Well, I thought it was strange that they didn't call me last night like they usually do. But we have new missionaries... new meaning greeeeen.
So after getting my family into the van I asked my dh if maybe I shouldn't go back in and find them and see what's up.
Because not only did I find out that I am thawing out 7 pounds of chicken leggs for my family. (Good grief!) But I also found out that the ward has decided to just assign people weekends to clean, and apparently next weekend is our weekend, and NOBODY told us. I found out because the Bishop's wife asked me if it was going to work for us, because they are scheduled to clean with us.
Let me see.... Jacob's going to be gone next weekend on a tubing trip with the YM and my husband is moving around the house in crutches, and I have three other kids 6 and under and I'd be chasing them more than they'd clean. Ummmm.... "NO!". Now I have to track someone down and give them a big fat no.

However I have to say it's so nice to have a place to get it all off my chest!


Ginabear said...

FREEDOM!! You really need that song here!! Hey, its just us girls and you are free to say whatever is on your mind! You are not a crab though, cept when a dog poops on your lawn! OMG, I am still laughing!! I am all for shells. I might have to move out of mine though...or at least add on a room or two;) Glad you moved over here where we can hear about the "real" you ;) said...

vent away baby! i love the real you jen.

kathleenybeany :) said...

and so cute how gina wanted you to put up a picture on your bloggy :)