Monday, January 21, 2008

I itch all over- NOT for the squeamish

Ugh, today I saw something (actually two things) that nobody should have seen. You know... some things are better just left in the "unknown" realm. I'm sorry Gina for sharing it with you, she didn't see it (as far as I know) but I shared what I saw and she was shivering too.
So my head is itchy, even tho' my hair is freshly washed. My face is itchy and my eyelashes are itchy. It's one of those things, you think about it and then you just start feeling them all over the place, even tho' it's all in your imagination... like bugs in the bed. Once you find one, your night of rest is over because every time you toss and turn you "think" you feel them.
I'm talking about eyelash mites.
Until the other day I had no idea such a thing existed! I ran across a blog where someone talked about not taking off their mascara at night, even tho' they knew better because of eyelash mites... so the Curious George in me got to thinking about that and today I "Googled" it. What was I thinking!?
I knew no good would come of it! I knew I might find they really existed and that I might find a really disturbing picture... ugh, I wish I wasn't so curious.
In my travels around the Internet, don't ask how I got there because I don't remember, I wound up on where I saw the remains of a person eaten by an alligator. Sometimes the information highway is about as safe as a turtle trying to cross the Audubon.
I do not recommend that you look up either picture.


Ginabear said...

Well thats what happens when you "look things up" I knew they existed but some things are better just put out of your mind and never thought about again! Thanks for sharing Jen;)

Tammy said...

Ummm, like we aren't going to look it up??? LOL I just did!! That is soooo gross! I knew it as well, but I hate thinking of that kind of stuff!!! Sooooo gross!! Yah,thanks for sharing!! LOL

Jen said...

What were you thinking Tammy!!??
My eyes have been itchy all day. And I am totally seriously thinking of buying new mascara and eyeliner every WEEK! *Shivers* Oh they are so gross. Aparently they live in our pores too...
I'm so sorry I shared this with you.