Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where has my voice gone?

I feel so disenfranchised by the Republican party. I'm hearing outrage today on the shows I listen to from true conservatives. We don't understand this. How come the runners in our party are all so liberal? Is there room left in the Republican party anymore for conservatives??? Today there was even talk of forming a third party for true conservatives.

None of the candidates are truely conservative and I find myself looking at two parties, one of extreme left/liberal ideas and actions and one just a hair to the right of center.

I don't want John McCain to represent the conservative party. I'm not interested in reaching across party lines for agreements. When do you ever see the left reaching over to the right? When have they ever? They just keep moving more and more left.

It's like a game of Tug O' War. There's a rope crossing over a mud pit. There's those on the right holding one end, and those on the left holding the other end, and the left is hard and not giving any that the right center people just tumble into the mud, abandoning the ones at the end of the right of the rope. That's how I feel about what's going on right now.

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Brother D said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. If John McCain wins the Republican nod, I think I will throw up.