Sunday, January 6, 2008

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Oh what a year it's been for me and my family.

Actually, this has been one of the more rougher years for us, than we've had in a while. The beginning of the year my sister-in-law had a hemorrhaging stroke just 10 days after delivering my nephew. Her life is a miracle. It's so amazing to see God's hand in the lives of people we love. It was awesome to see this sister in July when we visited Utah.

Then we found out my husband would not make enough income as a Professional Pilot, after putting in over 4 years of schooling and thousands of dollars in tuition and plane rentals. But I'm happy that he was able to achieve his dream of being a pilot. He worked as a flight instructor for a year, and got to fly every week. Not many people get to have their dreams come true, I'm glad he did. So, after our rude awakening, he decided to tweak his degree he was working on to become an accountant. He will do really well in this career. He is very strong in math. He should be graduating by the end of next year with a Bachelors in Accounting.

I was able to finally purchase a Blu site for my business in May, and I am loving it. I hated the website I used for my business before. So that was exciting for me. So was getting a backup camera and lenses. I've seen improvement in my skills and in my work this year, and I'm thankful for that. I do love what I do, and it's nice when I get clients who are willing to play and have fun with their sessions. If you want something boring and normal... go to Sears or Penny's. If you want something creative and interesting, I'm your girl!

We were able to take a really nice trip in July, taking our kids to Utah and Yellowstone National Park. I was so happy to see my family again and spend a day more than we usually do, to see them. I wish I lived closer. Sometimes these trips ease the home-sickness, but sometimes it also makes the desire to move closer even more stronger.

In July my husband was having a noticeable limp in his walking. By September it was worse and pain was moving strongly into more joints. By the end of October he could barely walk, raise his arms, put his socks on. Finally he went to a doctor to see what was wrong. During the search for answers we had quite a scare when one doctor suggested that it was gout. I was in freak out mode for a couple of weeks. If it had been gout and was progressing this fast, it was likely he was having kidney failure. Thank heavens we found out it is Rheumatoid Arthritis, and he is able to get relief from medications. Whew!

We had one child go back to public school and a second child start Kindergarten in public school. I miss my kids at home and the flexibility we had when they were all here. There's times where I just want to go spend an afternoon at the Science Museum... but then I remember I have to be home to get kids on the bus and off again.

Now at the end of this year we are finding that my husband may be looking for new employment in the next few weeks. The company he works for makes parts for Zeiss. All year they have been about a month behind, my husband thinks it's because of the company they send the parts to for hard-coat. Zeiss is talking about buying out of their contract with my husband's employer, which means the company will have to close it's doors. I've been wanting him to leave this employer for years, and so on one hand I am a little happy that he won't have to deal with this employer anymore, yet, on the other hand it's bad timing with him so close yet so far from graduation.

I have had some amazing clients this year. I can't believe how lucky I've been to just totally adore all of them. I've enjoyed the new people I've met and hope they come back and let me do more work for them!

My goals for 2008

1. Get back into the habit of reading scriptures with my children.

2. Lose 20 lbs. Yeah, I have that same goal every year, it's sort of obligatory ;)

3. Gain control of my time and spend more time teaching my children. I've let myself get into bad habits and spend too much time doing things that are not as important as being a hands on mom.

4. Read every Ensign from cover to cover, EVEN the Conference issues.

5. Work on all of my business goals which are outlined somewhere else and won't be posted here. :)

I hope that all of you have a good New Year and that you have much happiness and joyful experiences to look forward to in the coming year.