Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For your sweetheart

A couple of years ago I made some really fun fortune cookies for my husband for Valentines Day. I put them in a nice tin bucket that had hearts punched on the sides, and the fortunes inside were actually coupons good for treats like a car wash, a favorite desert, a back rub, etc. . The next year I shared that recipe with new friends, and some that tried to make them said they were too hard. Well, this year I have some really easy fortune cookies to make... the only problem is they aren't edible.

We are making these at enrichment next month, and I had to make the samples. I wouldn't mind making these for friends or family. These came from the Martha Stewart Living magazine, but as usual, the real thing doesn't work quite as planned. We'd planned on putting Hershey's kisses in these, but they ended up being too soft to hold the weight of the candy. They hold a fortune just fine, but even conversation hearts fell out the sides. Maybe a thicker weight felt would hold the candies better?
Anyway, here's the pictures and directions....

You will need
a. 4-4 1/2 inch bowl
b. a piece of felt
c. tacky glue
d. floral wire
e. ribbon to match the felt.

Lay the felt out flat and trace 3-5 circles (depending on size of bowl) with the bowl on the felt. Cut out.
Cut one piece of wire just smaller than the length of the circle

and glue onto the felt.

Cover the glue with a piece of ribbon that is just long enough.

Let dry for 30 min.
After 30 min, fold the circle in half with the ribbon on the inside

and then bend the wire in the felt over the edge of the bowl.

open a flap of the felt and insert a fortune.

Then readjust the felt to resemble a fortune cookie.

A good place I found for fortune ideas is here. They also have a recipe, however I haven't tried theirs.

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Ginabear said...

Those are way cute Jen!! I wish they would hold candy, that would be awesome too! This is actually something someone like me could make:)