Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What is this world coming to???

So if you don't know who Glenn Beck is... have you been living under a rock???

This Christmas season he had something unimaginable happen to him at the hospital. You can read about it here.
We had a similar experience when my husband was having kidney failure and he was in so much pain he was vomiting, and his doctor was trying to treat him through a new kind of treatment. We ended up at the emergency room 3 times. One time was especially horrible... a super long wait, where people who were not even as bad off as he was were being admitted first. It was a nightmare. He was in pain. He needed medications. We had to wait in a stupid waiting room for hours on end just waiting to be admitted. Finally he was admitted and then it took forever to get him drugs to ease the pain.

This weekend one of our friends at church shared his testimony, and in the process mentioned he'd been in the hospital over the holidays. Last night I saw his wife at Enrichment and asked her about what happened. Apparently he had appendicitis and had to be rushed to the hospital where they had to wait in the waiting room for over 2 hours as well!!!

It's no wonder people die at alarming rates at hospitals. It's not because of what they are dying from, it's because of the lack of care, and quick care that they receive, or don't receive in this case! This is appalling that this should be happening in America. This is something I would expect to hear happening in a third world country. Not here, in my home country.

And if you think this is bad? It could get worse, a lot worse. Imagine if we had socialized health care? Horrors. If we ever turn to that, I'm out of here. Can't our politicians see how it's failing in other countries???

Yes, our health CARE system needs to be overhauled, but socializing it, pouring tax money into it, punishing the pharmaceutical companies are not the answer. Let's begin with the people who use the system... hows about paying for it, instead of ditching your bill onto the hospital or tax payers??? Then move onto the workers... if you can't be compassionate, quick or patient, then it's time for another job, perhaps something behind a desk pushing numbers instead of people!? And how about the health care employers... oh man, where do I begin with them?



Ginabear said...

I know when I was waiting to get my appendix out I was in the ER for like 3 hrs. How insane is that? By the time they got to it, it was on the verge of rupturing, ummm hello, death involved here! So what is the first thing I should do to reform health "care"? Maybe if I do a good job, it will be contagious and it will catch on and spread! I will do my best :)

Michelle said...

*Michelle pulls her rock over her head.*

I'm reading an interesting book about our so called wonderful healthcare. Ugh.

When my youngest got a head wound and was bleeding, we had to wait at least an hour to see the dr. Um, hello, my child is bleeding?? said...

hi jen,
sorry your hubby had such a rough experience there. one time i had to take my hubby to the emergency room because our family doctor was concerned and wanted him to get his heart checked out right now. i told the ER staff the seriousness etc of what our doctor had just told us and we came right over as instructed. the ER staff member didn't seem to care about what i said (i got nothing, no reaction, no rush rush, no nothing). there weren't even a lot of people waiting. i left and took hubby with me and we went directly to another hospital ER (who took us seriously and saw him RIGHT AWAY). i like this hospital better because they will see each ER patient almost immediately to do a quick triage kinda thing to quickly determine if they need to take them back right now or if they can wait a bit still. we have never been back to the other yicky hospital ever since that experience.

hope today is good for you and your family, hugs, kathleen

ps. happy friday

Jen-(Mimo) said...

Oh man... it seems like we all have our own horror stories. That bites! I wish I could have taken him to another hospital, and prolly would have except that his uroligist works at that particular hospital. said...

hope he is doing okay hon -- your hubby, not the proctologist he he