Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling the heavy weight

Last night I sat down with my oldest to help him figure out his school classes for next year. He wants to take some Honors and AP classes. He thinks he should have taken them this year too, but his counselor didn't talk to us about them or let us know he could take them when we went in to get him registered. Dang it. Anyway, it makes me feel so old trying to help my child try to figure out what he wants to do with his life and help him chose classes that will help him in that direction. I'd like him to be able to be taking college classes in his Junior and Senior years, so he picked a second year of Spanish and an economics (required for graduation) class for his extras. He wants to take Honors English and AP Social Studies. Then he'll take Geometry. He doesn't enjoy math that much.
I know he is young, and maybe it's because of my teenage years wasted that I push him so much, but I want him to work hard now, so he can play later. The playing he can do later is going to be so much more fun that the playing he can do now. Vacations, boats, toys, etc. Compared to sitting around playing games on the tv. I just want him to be successful and want to help him in all I can do to make that happen. He's a really great kid and so I feel a heavy weight to make sure I don't let him down during this important time in his life.
When did I become so responsible???


Michelle said...

I think you're doing great Jen. That's too bad that the counselor didn't bring this thing up sooner. But sounds like he can still work on them and the classes will really help out.

I took honors/AP English and AP history. But I never took the tests that you need to in order to receive college credit. Tell your son that if he does take these classes, it's important to work hard so that he can pass that test otherwise he's wasted his time and hard work in high school.

I didn't have anyone to push me and tell me the consequences of my classes. I wish I had, then I would have made better choices. Just by talking to him, you're well on your way and so is he. :)

Jen-(Mimo) said...

Thank you Michelle! I will let him know that.

BrotherD said...

I took AP Math, just because I liked math, but avoided every other AP class on purpose. I had a lot of friends that loaded their schedule with AP classes and then spent high school stressed out. That certainly isn't the case for everyone though. Look at a particular niece of yours, for example. She loaded up, but did great, loved school, graduated from BYU in like two years, and is happy as a lark.

Of course I forgot everything while on a mission, so when I got home I took the calculus classes at BYU anyway. I couldn't even remember how to do long division after the mission, much less move on to advanced engineering math! said...

awh jen, you're doing great. you care. he will figure it out, too. he is lucky to have a mommy who cares.

hey jen, come see my bloggy today. i did a shout out to you and gave you an award. i only gave one person an award -- little ole adorable sweet you. have i told you lately that you rock? you are so dang sweet. hurry, come see. why haven't you left yet? stop reading and come on over. hehehe. chow, kathleen :) xoxo