Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good news!

Yay! Good news! My husband still has a job for the time being. His boss met with Zeiss again. He was supposed to do a Power Point presentation to show how they were going to get caught up on work. He however didn't do that and went with an outline. My husband says the Germans like him, but the Americans don't, but nothing is going to happen at this time. So, that is good news. I know that at this point, it is just best if he stays there until he is ready to go, preferably after getting some experience and his degree.

SALES - a San Francisco Treact
I just love my grocery store when they have the 10/$10 sales! Yesterday I picked up 20 Pasta-Roni noodle packages, 20 Rice-a-Roni and 15 Betty Crocker potato boxes. Whoo hoo!!! All for the low, low price of $1 each. That should last until the end of summer. I also got a pork package that had a big bone in roast, 8 pork chops and a bunch of ribs for $1 a pound. I'm almost tempted to go back for another one.


david mcmahon said...

Came here from Misty Dawn. That's great news about your husband. Hope it all goes well.

Jen-(Mimo) said...

Thanks David! said...

good morning sweet jen,
glad to hear your positive news for the time being.

in my prayers friend.

blessings girlie,