Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok, vent time.
My last DVD/CD burner went out after only having it for a few months. So last month I bought a new one with Lightscribe so I can label my CD for my clients with a sreen print on the CD it's self.... if you haven't seen it, look here, it's really cool. I like it much better than a sticker.
Anyway, I got a sample one with the burner and so today I had time to tackle trying to figure out how to use the thing for a client I have who's waiting for their CD. So I get an image together and put pictures on it and burned it onto the DVD, the only problem is that the words that are overlapping pictures aren't showing up really well. So I would like to do one without words and just the pictures.
So I ran over to Best Buy today and bought a bunch of cd's. A package of 30 for $30. I get home and finally figure out how to burn data to a DVD, because my regular burning software doesn't recognize the DVD as burnable. Then I try to burn the image on the new one, I follow the directions I followed last time... but guess what????
It says it burned it, but it DIDN'T!!!

*Insert picture of me pulling my hair out!*

Ok, I don't know what the sam hill is going on, but I am getting so frustrated with this whole CD/DVD stuff.
I was burning this DVD with data in replacement of a DVD I put together for them with music and their wedding day images that I can't seem to get off my computer because I can't get it converted to an AVI, so I offered them a CD with all of their images with printing rights (I NEVER give away my images now days as a company policy), which thankfully they saw as a very generous offer in replacement of their musical DVD. I was wanting to avoid buying new DVD movie making software. I'm still working on it, haven't given up because I have a wedding in July booked where a DVD is part of their package.

Anyway to make a long story short trying to get a DVD or CD burned for this client is ending up being a huge headache!!! Remind me again why am I in this business????


Ginabear said...

You are in this business cuz you rock the photography world! I am sorry that this has been so flippin frustrating! I would have given up a long time ago!!I hope it decides to work for you. said...

awh jen,
because you have such a good eye for what you do. you rock, talented girl. don't forget.

big hug now kick something :)

banana said...

Technology is so cool, but SOOO hard, because it doesn't always work. Keep with it. Call the company, keep asking questions. Someone will figure it out.