Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Still don't know anything

Tonight I talked to my dh and he still doesn't know what's going on with his job. He said his boss talked to him tonight and told him that the meeting was moved to tomorrow and he didn't sound too concerned about it. So I don't know what to think.
Tonight we had Enrichment. We had a caramel making class, however she made it with brown sugar and it was super soft I didn't care for it. We cancelled the crochet class due to the lack of participants. I went to the service project and helped cut out quiet activity stuff for children to check out during Sacrament Meeting. Tonight we laminated and cut out lace cards.

I hate limbo.

I think that if they don't close the doors that my husband will try to stay with his employer until he's done with his bachelors degree, but that won't be until the end of this year. I'm worried that his foot isn't going to last that long. He's trying a new insert in his shoes that his doctor recommended, but it doesn't seem to be helping much yet. The RA is pretty much under control right now, it's a foot with an extra bone from an accident years ago that's bothering him most now. His foot is swollen and hurting all of the time, and now he rests his foot at home with crutches. I think the sooner he can get to a desk job, the better.


Ginabear said...

Limbo sucks. I used to live there. But with the right kind of music it isnt so bad;) Seriously though, I hope he finds out soon. Too much stress for you lately!! I will say lots and prayers and send lots of virtual hugs. Things will work out! We are all here for ya!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

you're in my prayers jen. thank you for the sweet sweet email last night. you are so awesome. it's going to work out hon, kathleen xoxo