Friday, January 18, 2008

In case you haven't noticed

I don't believe in global warming. Well, actually I do, because of the simple fact that we don't live in an ice age anymore, that should account for some warming. However I don't believe that we are about to burst into flames anytime soon in oh, say, the next two million years, especially given the fact that my state has had a colder than normal year. This blog entry offers more instances where people all over the world are experiencing similiar circumstances, many I've heard about in the mainstream media.
Anytime you'd like to start thinking maybe there is something to the global warming fairy tale remember this day in January when I wrote about how freaking cold it is here when today in the mid afternoon I went out and it was -4 degrees in the middle of the afternoon and I swear I almost got frostbite going from the store to the car!
Global warming? Yeah, we Minnesotans would welcome some of that right about now.


Ginabear said...

You go girl! I cant believe its that cold there! Maybe you should start driving your car more and using more hairspray. lol

Jen-(Mimo) said...

Heh, heh. Maybe I should revisit the huge big bang look we had in Utah in the 80's, haha. Big tall hair, yeah, that would look so lovely on me now ;)

Ginabear said...

You should do it just for fun and take a picture for us contribution to global warming!!!