Monday, January 7, 2008

I feel so silly

because I have a little wooden stool that I have to throw out and I'm emotional about it.
This is the foot stool that my husband bought me to rest my feet on while I nursed baby Joshua when he was born. I rocked and cradled three of my four babies with this stool under my feet.
While I was pregnant with Josh, who was born 8 1/2 years after his older brother, my husband bought me a pretty wooden glider chair. I am a relatively short 5'4" and my legs are short, and didn't reach the ground, so he bought me a wooden stool to rest my feet on and sort of prop my lap up to help hold the baby.
Well, my stool has had a lot of use, wear and tear, stood on, thrown down and now it's cracked. It's main use now days is to help me reach higher cupboards, or to help Joy get into places she doesn't belong such as the movie cabinet.
So today it goes out to the curb. Today my husband brought me home a gray plastic ugly stool. I mean, ugly is a subjective term. He told me he figured he was buying it "for a different purpose, and that it would work well." Yeah, he's right, it will.
But it makes me sad sometimes to think that I am done having my own babies to cuddle, rock and nurse. And that this stool bought for such a personal sentimental use is now going out to the trash.
Call me silly, but that makes me feel a little sad.


Ginabear said...

You are a silly girl! But there isnt anything wrong with being sentimental. There are things you will always remember about your babies, keep them close, they grow up sooo fast:(

Misty Dawn said...

I can completely relate! I have so many things that I really shouldn't keep around, especially since we have moved to a much, much, much smaller home (did I mention that this house is small?)... However, it all holds sentimental value and I just can't stand to get rid of it.

Jen-(Mimo) said...

We moved to a smaller place (storage wise) 4 years ago. I had a whole basement I had to get rid of :(
Without those sentimental things, what would we have? said...

i love that you are sentimental, too, jen dear. i hope you have at least one photo of your cute little stool. but you always have the memories hon.

you are too sweet to not want to get rid of it for these reasons. but a picture might ease it for you.

kathleen :) xoxo