Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Think a velcro wall is abusive?

I am soooooo tempted to get one!
My little Joy is such a handful! None of my kids have been this busy. Mom, if I was ever this busy I am soooooo sorry!
Today I have found her into so many things she shouldn't be into. All of them were no-no's. She got into my laundry detergent, my dresser drawers, Joshua's closet, took a huge chunk out of tonight's desert for Enrichment, markers, my candy hiding at the computer and numerous times in the fridge and other places. I just want to tie her little arms and legs in a calf tie... you know, like the calf ropers do.
A velcro wall and outfit for her sound so very tempting to me tonight.


Ginabear said...

Personally, I think duct tape makes a much better restraint;) I know all about restraints, lol. My mom used to tell us she was gonna hang us all on a nail. She would make a very cute wall hanging!!

bighairlady said...

A velcro wall, hmmmm. I'd like one.
For me!

Anyway, that Joy is gunna be smart! She's just a regular explorer.

The dessert she dug into reminds me of when Chris turned Cami's birthday cake upside down on the floor when I wasn't looking. On purpose! He was about four years old.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

but she sounds precious, too!

Michelle said...

As tempting as the velcro wall sounds...;)

I'm sorry she's been a little terror lately. I hate those days too. For my kids, when they act like that, I know that they're bored. So maybe she needs a distraction?


Jen-(Mimo) said...

I bet you are right Michelle. I've been working on pictures for my last bride's album, and been sort of neglecting them the last couple of days. I bet that's it. You're such a brainiack!