Saturday, January 12, 2008

I need

some padded walls in here.... and maybe a pillow and a cot.
Yesterday our big screen tv malfunctioned, and ever since I've been trying to keep my children entertained enough that they don't tear up the house. We thankfully bought a service plan for it when we bought it, and have someone coming out on Tuesday to look at it, but meanwhile I'm going through their pile of games, paints, crayons, playdoh and we are having oh so much fun!
Today, oddly I got a lot of resting and reading time... unusual for a house without a tv to babysit the kiddies.


Michelle said...

Sorry your TV went berzerk. Thank goodness you had a service plan because service fees can be pricey.

Nice to hear you have been able to relax a little. You could definitely use more of that.

Can I bring you Oh Henry Bars in your padded room? I would you know.

Ginabear said...

Oh, and you would definitely need the complete GG series too! Hey, maybe I should get one of those rooms!!

Lei said...

The days we leave the tv off seem to be our better days, too. The kids find more fulfillment and satisfaction in other activities. It's a good thing once in a while!