Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, we now know that my husband's boss is supposed to do a Power-Point presentation about how he plans to get them caught up for Zeiss and with an interpreter for the Germans.
I don't know what to think of that news. It seems so silly to me. Is that a good sign or a bad one? I don't know.

Joy went through last night without an accident! YAY! However between 10 and 2 I was up about 6 times with her and Joshua. He was having growing pains in his leg. Poor kid. Both my boys are cursed with horrible growing pains. I took her to the potty once, around 11, and that was it for the night. The rest of the times I was up for her it was because she was screaming at Jaeden to quit looking at her, so I would have to get up and go make peace. But I think that Joy is improving in her potty training, I am hopeful I will be in my own bed all night within the next two weeks.


Ginabear said...

Awesome Joy! I definitely think you made the right move in getting rid of pull-ups! They are the devils diapers!! Wont it be sooo awesome to be out of the diaper/underwear changing days. Another reason to sing...FREEDOM!!!:)

Jen-(Mimo) said...

Well, she had an accident last night :( It's like one day success, 3 days oops!