Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What to do now?

If any of you are following the primaries you know that Fred Thompson has now pulled out of the race for the Republican ticket.
I really liked him... no, actually, I loved him. However, his campaign was late, slow and unenthused. Today a report I heard stated that he really ran to get his name out there and feel the air for the Vice President ticket.
Now I'm sitting here, a true conservative and looking at the people a once conservative party has clambering over each other for the golden ticket and I can't help but get sick in my stomach.
Soon it will be Super Tuesday and I have no idea who is the lesser of all evils.
I know, I know I distanced myself from the Republican party... and I'm still disgusted with them... however there is no other conservative party which I can attach myself to and vote in the primaries for. So I'm back again, so I can vote.
I want a president who's going to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and no, I don't have a problem with them being bigger for the richer people... the people who pay more SHOULD get a bigger cut! If you don't pay taxes, how can you get a cut? If I make more than you I shouldn't get a cut too? I have to pay more to make up for your lax? I think not
I want a president that will reduce government spendature and reduce government involvement in our lives.
I want a president that doesn't buy into any "entitlement" fantasies. You are entitled to what you work for. It's not the government's job to take care of you or your kids or your business or your finances.
I want a president that will secure our borders, regardless of what illegal person will vote for them.
I want a president that will have the guts to stand up to the UN, and perhaps even take the US out of the UN.
I want a president that will look at other sources besides corn for alternative choices to oil.
I want a president that doesn't cater to special interest groups, no matter how loud they yell.
I want a president that will protect our liberties, even against enemies within our government and justice systems.
I want a president that will kick a tree huggers butt!
And he better be a dang carnivore!

I want a president that doesn't seem to be running for the office at this time.

I do think however, left to the candidates we have now, I will be ordering my Mitt Romney bumper sticker tomorrow. At least for the primaries.


Yer Fan Club said...

I wish you wrote a column in the newspaper, or magazine. I like your stuff.

Jen said...

Awww thank you fan!!!!