Sunday, February 10, 2008


Me and the girls stayed home from church today because it was -12 when it was time to go. I don't have any thick tights for the girls.
My poor cute little niece Jess was in town for the weekend. She was here to see a play with a friend she has here. Poor thing wasn't expecting it to be THIS cold!!! I told her to stop by the thermometer on the freeway by our house and take a picture of it, hahaha. Good thing she's headed out of town this afternoon before she's a popcicle!


Misty Dawn said...

It's freaking cold here too. I'm so ready for Spring!

Ginabear said...

I dont know why you want to freeze! Its not "as" cold here;) Sittin in front of the fireplace sounds good right about now huh? said...

you could live in alaska with me and be WARMER! he he