Thursday, February 21, 2008

In case you missed it

Last night was a lunar eclipse. I didn't go outside for this one because it was -0 outside, so this isn't the most clear picture I could have taken.
My nosey neighbors noticed me doing something in the backroom and left their backlight on, so it was shining onto the window that I was taking this through. Anyway, here it is.


Ginabear said...

I love the moon! I could look at it for hours! I was so sad that theh sky was so icky here, I couldnt see a thing! Awesome pic Jen!! said...

hi jen dear,
what an amazing shot you captured here. you caught my attention again.

you are so good at this,

Michelle said...

BEAUTIFUL Jen!! I can't believe you took that through the window.

Anonymous said...

Wowie ska-sam-bo!

That is gorgeous. Thanks for shairing!