Thursday, February 28, 2008

That's not a booger!

Ok, I'm at my wits end with Joyanna today. She's into everything!
I just finished cleaning up Kraft cheese balls out of my carpet. Wonder how they got there? Why they were shot through a baby medicine syringe, of course! What is she thinking? Man... to be inside that little head for one day, what I wouldn't give!

Last night Joy was being fussy, so I sat on the couch with her and rubbed her knees, they were hurting. I also had given her a small bowl of sunflower seeds to snack on while we watched some Gilmore Girls. Well, after a little while she kept picking her nose and I told her to stop. She got up and went into the kitchen for a paper towel and kept playing with her nose. When she came back she was complaining about "something" in her nose. I had one of the kids bring me a flashlight so I could see what was going on. I was expecting to see a ginormous booger or something because we have all had horrible head colds this week and I know she's been extra snotty with the ear infection.
So she lays back on the couch and sticks her nose up in the air while I shine a flashlight up her nose just in time to see a sunflower seed roll out! That's not a booger!!!
I then had to cry and make a fuss and tell her how scared I was and how she must never stick anything up her nose again, or it will make me scared and cry and she might have to go to the hospital. She cried and told me, "So sorry I scared you Mommy!"

Of all the wonderful kids I've had, my last one has to be the most challenging. I pray that she never sticks anything up her nose again.


Stacey said...

Josh stuck a heart shaped bead up his nose one time. We had to use tweezers to remove it. Ahhh,kids!

Misty Dawn said...

Hehehehe - I think most kids stick something up their nose.

Anonymous said...

No booger, for sure!

Hey, You are talking to the kid who got a contact lense stuck up her nose for a whole weekend!


Ginabear said...

Poor Jen! She sure gives you a run for your money doesnt she? Why would anyone want to stick something up their nose anyway?? Hang in there my friend, hopefully she grows out of this stage soon! said...

awh sweetie

Michelle said...

My word, silly girl! I remember when J stuck a small grape up her nose. I couldn't believe it.

Thank goodness it came out by itself!