Sunday, February 10, 2008

Update on Gina's Son

Hey, I've been asked a lot lately about how Gina's son is doing. So I thought I'd post an update, and you might want to look in the comments to see if she's added anything to what I wrote.
He is doing SO WELL! He's been up and walking, and using crutches at school. He was only in the hospital for three days. He does have a bar in the leg that will have to come out in the next couple of years. It looks like his recovery time is going to be TONS shorter than Jake's, which I'm so thankful for. Our ordeal was so long and so hard, I was really sad thinking they would have to go through that too.
Gina and I have so much in common, it's a little freaky.... right down to loving hotdogs with mashed potatoes and cheese on them... that it was just a bit more freaky that now both of us have our oldest sons had broken legs. She called me asking if there was anything more I needed to warn her about.
Why won't my spell check work!?


Ginabear said...

Haha, Jen, I love you! You are so awesome! Thank you for posting this! As an update to your update, he is trying to walk without his crutches which amazes me even more. He goes back to the hospital on Wed. to get the staples and bandages off and I will know more then how he is healing. Thank you to those who are asking about him.
Jen, I am getting used to our similarities cuz you know what? Who wouldnt want to be like you?? Keep em comin my friend! And mmmm, now I have a craving for hot dogs and mashed taters!!! mmmmm I'm sorry about your spell check...if you need some help, you can always call your CE (Chief Editor) moi!!

Michelle said...

That's great he's doing so much better.

I've always figured you two must be long lost sisters. But I am surprised by the hotdogs and mashed potatoes and cheese. Um, eww. lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! I'm so glad he is getting better. This is WONDERFUl to hear!!!!!