Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It takes a long time

I guess, for a broken eardrum to heal.
I got an ear infection suddenly on Thursday afternoon. In a matter of 3 hours I went from feeling fine to being in extreme pain in my left ear. That night I barely slept it was so painful! So on Friday I went to the doctor for it, she prescribed me some antibiotics for it. Friday night I went to bed and once I got myself to ignore the pain and fall asleep I slept well all night. When I woke up in the morning I realized my eardrum had gotten a hole in it, most likely due to the pressure build up in it. Now I can't hear and it is still a bit painful, especially when I think about it.
Today I did a search and found that the dizziness is normal and will go away, but my ear may not heal for a long time and maybe not be back to normal again, meaning I might have permanent hearing loss from it. So NOT fun!


Michelle said...

Man, you poor thing. I've had ringing in my ears that has been pretty painful, but nothing near to what you're experiencing. I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Is there someone that can take the kids so you can rest?

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

ah you poor baby!!!! so sorry jen!!!! sincerely, not playing here.

this sounds soooo miserable for you hon. wish i could take away your pain and discomfort. if i could, i would in a heartbeart.

(((((JEN))))) hugs from kathleen (and here is some juice for you, too, babe, sorry)

Ginabear said...

I am sooo sorry about your ear! And about all the yelling at your house too! That cant be good for your other ear! Hope you are feeling better today. Hopefully those meds are doing their job. No permenent damage allowed!! Big hugs my friend!!

Anonymous said...

How did you know you got a hole in your ear? That sounds so sad!
I hope it gets better! You might want to go to an ear specialist if it doesn't heal within a couple of weeks.