Thursday, February 7, 2008

A sad, sad state of affairs

Mitt Romney just announced his pulling out of the race for the Republican nomination for President.
That leaves me... nowhere. I'm really disheartened by this. I know mathmatically that his chances were slim, so it does stand to reason that he would be pulling out. I'm just really upset over what that leaves us with. I seriously do NOT want McCain or a Democrat to be in the White House. I can only imagine the terrible things we have ahead of us.
The poor better be prepared to have their face pressed to the grindstone, you think it's hard now? Just wait. Have another hole in that belt? It's about to be tightened more.
Good luck America. I'll be on my knees praying for us.
My spell check is still not working :(


Tammy said...

I am completely with you!! I will just write someone in! I will NOT vote for Clinton!!! I do think if Obama was ahead that he would do a MUCH better job than Clinton, BUT I can't even stand McCain!!! UGH I can't believe this is happening. We have at least a very very sad 4 years ahead of us!

Michelle said...


Ginabear said...

I'm with Tammy, lets write someone in! I dont even want to vote this year. Whats the point really? Jen...will you run for president??:)