Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unfriendly Faces and Scary Places

I must have an unfriendly face or something. Seems to me whenever I am somewhere... say, taking my kids to story time at the library, the last chair in the room that is empty will always be next to me. Relief Society, unless a couple of my friends are there, I could sit alone and everyone will leave me that way. I don't think I have a grumpy face, however, I've been told that I do. By my mother, in fact. I remember once as a teenager she told me I had an unfriendly face... maybe this is where it's stemming from? I kind of think that's funny because there have been times when I've been looking at my reflection and think, "My goodness, I look just like my mom." And I don't think my mom has an unfriendly face. I'm not an unfriendly person. Although I do prefer to be approached rather than doing the approaching.... remember, I'm a hermit crab?

I also must have something scary on my blog here, because I see someone did a Google search for "Duct Tape Restraint" and found my blog.... what the heck?


Ginabear said...

Awww Jen. I would totally sit by you!! You dont scare me!! I will have to go visit your mom to see if you look like her.

Stacey said...

People don't sit by me either..we should sit together.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Duct Tape: No pinata for your kids birthday? Just duct tape a kid to the ceiling, put some candy in their mouth, and whack away. ---

Now was that your idea?

I won't sign me name this time.... said...

hi jen jen,
you have a friendly face, very inviting, very welcoming.

if i saw you in RS, i would so go right up to you and sit down beside you and hug ya and say i missed ya girl, how are ya?, so glad to see you again.

you rock,