Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taking a Sabbatical

My last three seasons of Gilmore Girls have arrived, now I have the complete 7 season series and I will be taking a Sabbatical until I've finished watching them. See you in about 2 weeks....
just kidding. However I may start talking in a way that to some of you might seem incoherent, but to me and other GG fans will just be GG gibberish. But don't worry, I'll decode anything you ask me to.


Ginabear said...

I am excited for you! I am totally enjoying mine! Its definitely my addiction as of late! GG gibberish is the best! We need to covert everyone! Turn them into Super Cool Party People!!!

Michelle said...

Did I miss the go-out-and-buy-all-the-seasons-of-GG party? Well dang. I'll just have to borrow yours. ;)

Enjoy your sabbatical! said...

hey jen,
i've never watched a whole GG episode. am i really missing out bad???? wasn't this the show that you said had THEE best toe-curling kissing scence (but you had to know the characters and the season to fully appreciate it)?

hope you are feeling better sweetie. i am dog sick this week and just dying from congestion ... my head feels like it will explode. so thankful to feel normal and not sick most of the time.

take care girlie,