Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday's Thumbs

Thumbs Up!

Movie- Flushed Away- My sister recommended this to us a few months ago. I tried to find it at Christmas time but it was nowhere to be found. Last week while I was waiting for the pharmacy to make my meds I finally found it in the movie section at Target, and it was only $12! This was a super cute movie, I liked the plot and the little singing slugs were adorable. I would recommend this movie whole heartedly. Two Thumbs Up!

Socks- Danskin Now- Today I tried a new pair of Danskin Now socks for my workout at the Y. I did 2o minutes on a stationary bike and my feet were HOT! I thought they were going to burst into flames at the end of the ride. My feet however stayed dry. Now I'm not sure if it was the sock or the shoe's fault for my feet being so hot, but I do have to say the socks kept my feet dry, and that's what they claim to do.

Thumbs Down!

I don't have any items for Thumbs Down this week.


Stacey said...

My kids L-O-V-E Flushed Away! We have probably watched it 100 times since we bought it.

Michelle said...

We'll have to check out the movie, as per your recommendation. And you should watch "Persuasion." Only seems fair. ;)